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Asked about a sightseeing in Kyoto, you would instantly come up with wandering through shrines and temples, strolling around places in Kyoto by making a full use of city buses,taste with delight, Kyoto-famous, delicately flavoured Japanese cuisine topped by Obanzai, or Kyoto-native home cuisine.

As for desserts, sophisticated Japanese confectioneries including those using matcha, would come to your mind.

Kyoto cuisine, however, is far more than that.

In this article, we have listed some ramen restaurant that we highly recommend you to drop in. For those who are unfamiliar with what ramen is, imagine a bowl of noodles immersed in flavoured soup garnished with toppings.


1. Men-ya Hiro

出典 出典

This shop’s signature ramen is called Kani Shio Soba, crab-salt noodles. As the name suggests, its main ingredient in the broth is crab, which is an unusual choice for ramen broth.

Straightforwardly touching your taste is the crab-based, salt-flavoured soup that matches best with handmade, thick and sticky textured noodles.

In addition to this, Men-ya Hiro is specialized in seafood based ramen, such as Kai Shio Soba, or shellfish-salt noodles full of shellfish flavours.

– Additional Stop Tips –

With Men-ya Hiro located in the north of the city, the purchase of Kyoto City Bus’ One Day Pass will enable you to have an easy trip, either walk from the nearest bus stop, or utilize Keifuku Dentetsu Electric Railway running throughout the west half of the city, to stop by before or after going to Arashiyama in the northwest of the city.

– Shop Information –

Name: Men-ya Hiro

Map: Google Map

Address: 682 Kitaisedonokamae-cho Kamigyou-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu

Business Hours: 11:30am – 1:30pm (Last Orders), 6pm – 8:30pm (Last Orders)

Holidays: Unspecified (Check on Twitter)

Direction : Right off Senbon-Nakadachiuri stop on the Kyoto City Bus line or 1,089 meters east of

Kitano-Hakubaicho station of Keifuku-Dentetsu electric railway



2. Men-ya Gokkei

出典: 出典:

This shop is well received, attracting a remarkable popularity among other neighbourhoods around Ichjo-ji station on the Eizan line of Eizan Dentetsu Electric Railway, known as highly competitive area for ramen.

Among the 4 flavours of ramen they offer, Tori-Daku is recommended to start with. One sip of the chicken-based, super thick ‘n’ creamy soup, cooked for long hours with extra care, brings you an enormous explosion of Umami savory tastes.

The soup is so thick ‘n’ creamy that it gets trapped in between the semi thick noodles! This will make you reminiscent of the Italian pasta dish, carbonara.

– Additional Stop Tips –

Eizan Dentetsu’s Eizan line leads from Demachi-Yanagi station (E01) to Yase-Hieizan-guchi station (E08), the latter of which is at the entrance to the Hiei-zan mountain.
Moreover, the neighborhood around Ichijo-ji station, where Men-ya Gokkei is located, is well known for stylish retail shops of books and miscellaneous goods.

– Shop Information –

Name: Men-ya Gokkei

Map: Google Map

Address: 29-7 Ichijouji Nishitojigawara-cho, Saykou-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu

Business Hours: 11:30am – 22:00pm

Holidays: Monday

Direction : Ichijouji station of Eizan-Dentetsu electric railway



3. Honke Daiichi-Asahi Takabashi head shop

出典: 出典:

With its accessibility of 5 minute walk from Kyoto station, this shop has been long favoured from local people. Tonkotsu, or pork bone based, flavored with shoyu or soy sauce for a punch, the soup is clear and comes best with their semi-thick, hard-textured noodles.

If you’re staying at a hotel near Kyoto Station, we highly recommend you pay a quick visit here. Please take a special note that a resembling name, “Daiichi-Asahi,” is for another shop, and not related to this shop on our list by any means.

– Additional Stop Tips –

Kyoto station is surrounded by hotels, which you may utilize to be the home for your sightseeing activities, it might be good to go for it after returning to your hotel from sightseeing, or even for an unusual breakfast!

– Shop Information –

Name: Honke Daiichi-Asahi Takabashi head shop

Map: Google Map

Address: 845 Higashi-shiokouji-mukaibatake-cho, Shimogyou-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu

Business Hours: 5:00pm – 2:00am

Holidays: Thursday

Direction : Cetral exit of Kyoto station of JR



4. Shinpuku-saikan head shop

出典: 出典:

Check out one of the Kyoto’s longest operating ramen shops, which has been running for 78 years since 1938!

Its signature dark looking soup doesn’t taste as strong as it looks, but is very rich in shoyu flavour. You will want to eat it everyday without any doubt. As accessible as 5 minute walk from Kyoto station, this shop stands right next to Daiichi-Asahi head shop listed above.

– Additional Stop Tips –

Located close to Kyoto Station, this shop is conveniently accessible to reach from your hotel in this area. To the further east on Shiokoji-dori street, a main street just in front of Kyoto station is the famous temple, Sanjusangen-do, well-known for housing 1,001 statues of Sen-ju Kannon or the Thousand-Armed Kannon, and other heritages and treasures of Japan.

– Shop Information –

Name: Shinpuku-saikan head shop

Map: Google Map

Address: 569 Higashi-shiokouji-mukaibatake-cho, Shimogyou-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu

Business Hours: 7:30am – 22:00pm

Holidays: Wednesday

Direction: Cetral exit of Kyoto station of JR



5. Inoichi

出典 出典

Inoichi, located in the Kawara-machi area, known as Kyoto’s downtown, is extremely favoured for its popular bowl called Shina Soba (shiro) or Chinese Noodles (white). Despite its clear soup devoid of any food additives as they proudly declare, it gives tangy Umami savory taste and Koku aftertaste. Aside from their tasty bowls, you’ll be treated very politely, which will surely satisfy your Kyoto gourmet experience!

– Additional Stop Tips –

Close to Kyoto’s top-notch downtown area including Gion known for Maiko, and the apprentice geisha, this shop’s accessibility is second to none!

– Shop Information –

Name: Inoichi

Map: Google Map

Address: 1F Ebisu-Tellace, 528 Ebisu-no-cho, Shimogyou-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu

Business Hours:

1. (On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) 11:30am – 14:00pm and 17:30pm – 22:00pm

2. (On Sunday) 11:30am – 14:00pm and 17:30pm – 21:00pm

Holidays: Monday

Direction : Kawaramachi station of Hankyu-Kyoto-Honsen electric railway



As listed above, there are many ramen restaurants offering high quality ramen in Kyoto, and they are suitable to visit in any occasions such as when your hotel is nearby, or just feeding your sightseeing trip, or concluding your happy hours! You may even find a bowl offered only here in Kyoto.

So why not make an additional stop?

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5 Recommended Ramen Noodle in Kyoto – Make an Additional Stop –