You’ve got to listen to it now! 6 selections of an alternative band in a music town, Kyoto.

Bonchi Hinode
A very dark Izakaya, as if the light bulb they use is 0.5 Watts or lower.
After having an Ajillo and waiting for the third beer to come, X told his manager and excused himself to go to the bathroom.
Once he sat down on the toilet seat, an old live concert flyer came across his eyes.
“This was already 2 years ago. I dragged my friend to this event when I was in my last year of Uni”. Whilst he was recalling all the memories, the surrounding wall started to become blurry.
He slowly stood up, and flushed the toilet. The water flushing disappeared after creating a little whirl in the toilet bowl.
After seeing the last bubble pop, he washed his hand, and pulled out a handkerchief which he started to carry around after graduating Uni.
He then quickly returned to his seat inside a cave-like dark restaurant, because it’s rude to make your manager wait.


X used to be a music fanatic and would’ve pick up any new upcoming bands. Now, he’s just a working gear in the Japanese society, just thinking about his manager and the upper-class people.
The music locality in Kyoto is very productive, and if you’ll easily find a good band if you have a little peek into a concerts or events.
On the other hand, other than that encountering with good bands will be limited unless the genre becomes popular or famous.
For example, the platform where many band and artist share their piece, Sound Cloud*.
It’s Facebook for those people who loves music. If you look into Sound Cloud, you’ll see some good piece without going to a live evet.
This blog is for those people like X, who has had to drift away from music, to introduce 6 bands from Sound Cloud which are based in Kyoto, with a scenery where you’ll immerse into the music even more.

*Music Sharing Service originally from Germany. There’s over 400 000 users registered.

She said

It’s a 4-piece band full of Alternative felling. Created by the music club “Rock Commune” at Ritsumeikan University in 2013, where “Kururi” and “Kiseru” used to belong. In June 2016, they have released their first 7-inch single “dim shape / hatred feel” from the record company “SECOND ROYAL RECORDS” where bands like Homecomings belong to.

Alternative Feeling: ★★★★★

Best Scenery: Jumping on your push bike, chasing after that girl leaving the town at the end of Summer.
(You realise your true feeling from 0:20 and jump on your bike at 0:30 is the best)

my letter

It’s got a peculiar atmosphere where the vocal has the high pitch voice reminding you of the old US Indie style, but with Japanese lyrics.
It was formed in 2007 by the member of a Uni band in the same University.

Alternative Feeling:★★★★

Best Scenery: When you leave for overseas with a strong determination and a little bit of sadness. *Without telling anyone.
(Looking into your empty old room at 1:30, then locking the door to your room and start walking at 1:45)

The Fax

3 girls with rumbling guitars creating some cute and pop melody. Formed in 2013 and became the current member in 2014. Trio of girls still in their early 20s

Alternative Feeling: ★★★★

Best Scenery: When you have no idea what you’re doing next in the future, but you’ve resigned from your current job and walked out of the office.
(Grasping your resignation letter, and handing it out at 0:01, then stepping outside and stretching your back thinking what to do next at 0:43)


A lo-fi band with 3 guitars and a male and female twin vocal creating a piece with somewhat floating sensation within a tight rhythm. Formed in 2013.

Alternative Feeling ★★★★

Best Scenery: When you walk around a devastated theme park after you survive something close to an end of the world.
(Hopping onto a merry-go-round operating by itself at 1:35 is a good idea. Even better when you remember the day you went to a theme park with your kids)

Mariana in our Heads

4-piece band formed by Kyoto’s Uni students. Amazing music with somewhat guitar heavy sound, with a clear, and pure voice of the female vocal.

Alternative Feeling:★★★

Best Scenery: Giving a backwards glance at the street lights when you jumped onto a taxi without telling the driver where to go.

Zou no Se (Elephant’s back)

A band where a member from “she said” is also playing. Sulking version of “Chattomonchii”

Alternative Feeling:★★★

Best Scenery: When you walk along a row of cherry trees holding hands with your partner after having a fight.
(Remaining silent all the time, but you smile at each other when your eyes meet)

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You’ve got to listen to it now! 6 selections of an alternative band in a music town, Kyoto.