20 most recommended Guest House in Kyoto! You can stay at a reasonable price and also meet people from all around the world!


Guest House is just right for those people who want to travel and spend as little as possible on hotels. Recent Guest Houses have increased in the quality of comfortness and privacy, which allows female tourist traveling alone can stay without hesitation. Another attractiveness is the common area where you can communicate with other people from other areas. This time, I’ve picked up 20 recommended Guest Houses in the old city of Kyoto.


Guest House Kioto & Kioto Tonari (ゲストハウス木音&木音となり)

A Guest House located in the West area in Kyoto where the old atmosphere still remains. The building is renovated from few of the old town houses that was built 85 years ago, and the 2 Guest Houses operate next to each other sharing the same roof. It has varieties of different room like Tatami style Japanese own room, and female dormitory. You can also add breakfast as an extra (700 yen / person), and enjoy the simple Japanese breakfast whilst looking onto the Japanese courtyard.

The common areas are the Living Room, Shower and Bath, Microwave, and Fridge. There’s also drinks like coffee that’s on the house. There’s places like Funaoka Onsen, a tangible cultural property, within walking distance, so you can take the “Onsen Set (towel and tooth brush incld) 200 yen” and visit the onsen when you go for a stroll.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市上京区溝前町100

Address (English) : 100 Mizomae Cho, Kami Gyou-ku, Kyoto

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It’s a minute walk from “Gojo Station” where it’s very accessible from Kyoto Station and the busy city Shijou area. It’s very popular thanks to it’s stylish appearance. There is a cafe dining on the first floor. It’s become a place of interaction between the locals and the tourists, and the guests can use their “welcome drink ticket” here.

In the Guest House, there’s 16 rooms, 48 beds. All the beds are semi double size, and there different types of rooms from mixed dormitory, twin room, and a room for 4. There’s PC, TV, DVD player, books, etc that you can use anytime in the lounge room. Kitchen consists of some cooking equipment and plates so you can cook something light. Showers and coin laundry is also available.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市下京区不明門通五条下る上平野町451 NEO VINTAGE.BLD.2F-4F

Address (English) : 2F – 4F NEO VINTAGE.BLD. 451 Hirano Chou, Akezu Dori, Shimogyou-ku, Kyoto

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Guest House Rakuza (ゲストハウス楽座)

It’s located in the heart of Kyoto, Gion area. The building use to be Ochaya (a teahouse).  They’ve renovated the house that was built around 90 years ago. There’s of course a Washitsu (Japanese style room), Western room which used to be a dance hall, and a Female only Dormitory. You can overlook the refined Japanese Garden from the communal room, which makes you feel like the noisy outside world is just a myth.

The building itself is pretty old, but there’s air conditioner, heater, Wifi available. Shower (with amenities), toilet, and microwaves are all communal. It also sells Kyoto City Bus 1 day pass (500 yen), so it’s a great place for a start of your journey.
Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市東山区宮川筋2-255

Address (English) : 2-255 Miyagawa Suji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

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Shizuya (しづや)

It’s in a such good location just a few minute walk from Kyoto Station, whereas the place itself is in a quiet and very relaxing area like a hideout. It’s composed by two buildings, “OMOYA” for the ladies, and “HANARE” for the gents. Its simple and modern space and the two dormitories are very popular. Other than the dormitories, there are Japanese style rooms with Ryuukyuu Tatami (a tatami mats without the overlapping edge part), Western style twin room, and so on. It is layed out so that as well as being able to interact with the other guest, it also aims to protect your privacy.

The shared bathroom has hot water extracted from underground, and they rent out a Osaka Senshu Towel, which has a very soft touch on the skin, for free. It also uses Kyoto’s long established Futon store’s quilt for the rooms, pursuing the maximum comfortness for the guests.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市下京区七条通河原町東入材木町460

Address (English) : 460 Zaimoku Chou, Shichijou Dori Kawaramachi, Shimogyou-ku, Kyoto

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Guest House BokuYado (ゲストハウス樸宿)

The word “Boku” in the name means “raw wood, unaffected, plain”. As its name suggests, they renovated an old Kyoto Machiya (an old houses in Kyoto), keeping the simpleness and the good old atmopsher of the Machiya as it is. Contrary to the Kyoto style, all the staffs are from Taiwan, which brings a lot of guests from all ove the world, making it a very international Guest House.

Lance Xiaoさん(@lance419)がシェアした投稿

The bulding use to be a factory as well as residential of a Kyozome (Japanese dyeing style) store, so the ladies dormitory is a Japanese Style room with skylight, and they also have Western style twin room. The communal area has books and magazines like Kyoto Guide Book for those who wants to read. They also keep Japanese and Taiwanese board games, which is one way for the guest can bond.  Kitchen (fridge, and microwaves, etc) and bathroom is also available.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市下京区西洞院通り六条下る西側町490

Address (English) : 490 Nishigawa Chou, Nishino Toin Dori, Shimogyou-ku, Kyoto

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Guest House Jiyu Jin (ゲストハウス時遊人)

Guest House located just few minute walk from a very convenient station, Gojo Station. The inside has a very relaxing atmosphere from the use of taditional Japanese material “Washi”, and wood. It’s simpl, yet clean, and it will promise you a very cosy stay.

Yena Eoさん(@iambianca71)がシェアした投稿

There are ladies and gents dorms, as well as Japanese and Western style private rooms. Every room has its own locks as well. If you’re staying with over 15 people, you can rent our 1 whole building. The communal areas are living room for the interaction with other guests, kitchen (fridge, rice cooker, microwave, etc), bathroom with amenities, and so on. They also have rental push bike, which is the best way to go around Kyoto.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市下京区東洞院通五条下る和泉町524

Address (English) : 524 Izumi Chou, Higashino Toin Dori Gojo, Shimogyou-ku, Kyoto

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Guest House Kyoto Mikasa (ゲストハウス 京都 みかさ)

It’s a very relaxing, cosy Guest House just like a paradise in a busy city. The 100 years old building use to be a Kyozome Japanese fabric store. The use of natural woods and the mud wall painted by hands of the craftsman, creates both a modern and warmth design. The first floor consists of Machiya style earth floor, living with floor heating, and bathroom using natural stone. Having a cup of tea with a view of the courtyard is very nice.

There’s two types of rooms, a Japanese style Washitsu wif the smell of tree, and a room that uses Hinoki cypress. The rooms are all well equip for comfortness with organic cotton 100% towels, pajamas, BOSE sound systems, and so on. With a little bit of an additional fee, you can have a delicious and beautifully displayed breakfast and dinner. It’s more tha nsatisfactory.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市中京区釜座通御池下ル津軽町782-6

Address (English) : 782-6 Tsugaru chou, Kamanza Dori Oike, Nakagyou-ku, Kyoto

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Guest House where you can stay at a Kyoto townhouse of 100 years. The artistic and comfortable space is filled with modern Western furnitures and young artist’s artwork, as well as having an antique furnitures which creates a historic atmosphere. The communal bathroom is set up with very recent technology which allows customers to relax in these areas. There are 2 public bath houses in the neighbourhood for the local feeling. Kitchen is available upon request.


There’s rooms next to the inner garden, as well as lady’s dormitory. This Guest House has many regulars from the at home atmosphere and the friendly staff.


Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市下京区西七条市部町115

Address (English) : 115 Nishi Shichijou Ichibe-chou, Shimo Gyou-ku, Kyoto

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Rouji Ya (ろうじ屋)

Keiko Fさん(@keikofuku)がシェアした投稿

It’s located at a very convenient place near the world heritage Nijou Castle, and other famous tourist areas. There is “Sanjou Kai Shoutengai” (shopping street), where you can look at the very Kyoto-like lifestyle within walking distance. There’s kitchen for cooking (Fridge, microwaves, etc), communal area to relax in, and also caters free drinks (coffee and teas).

Jack Wooさん(@fjackwoo)がシェアした投稿

Dormitories are divided into mixed dorms and lady’s dorms, and there’s also individual rooms for people needing privacy. Not only rental puch bikes, but there is also a rental motor bikes and scooters which is very convenient for people wanting to go around. It is very popular amongst female travellers travelling by themselves as the owner is a female.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市中京区西ノ京池ノ内町22-58

Address (English) : 22-58 Nishinokyo Ikenouchi Chou, Naka Gyou-ku, Kyoto

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Guest House Omotenashi Kyoto (ゲストハウスおもてなし京都)

The next Guest House to introduce is located where everyone will imagine of when they think of “Kyoto”, the Gion / Miyagawa Chou area. Along with the famous Kiyomizu Temple, and Yasaka Shrine, it is a walking distance to these world wide famous temples and shrines. The rooms available are only 5 private rooms. It is very safe for female and family travellers. The lock is a ten key system, so after checking in, you can enter and exit 24 hours.

It has a lot of connections with surrounding tourist areas, and the guests at this Guest House many benefits for sightseeing. For example, hopping on the Jinrikisha (rickshaw), Yoga  + Zen meditation at Kennin-ji Temple, Kiyomizu Yaki experience at a pottery, rental Kimono, etc. It’s a great place for maing Kyoto memories.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市東山区弓矢町9

Address (English) : 9 Yumiya Chou, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

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Kyoto Tachibanaya Nijou-jou Kita Bettei (京都橘屋 二条城北別邸)

Next up, we have a Guest House where you can rent out as a whole house. It is located at a walking distance from the world heritage Nijou Castle, and you can stay in a traditional Kyoto townhouse. The first floor consists of kitchen with fridge, etc, a living room with Horigotatsu (low table over a hole in the floor with heat source underneath and a hanging quilt to retain heat), and a bathroom with Hinoki cypress + skylight. You can overlook at the refined inner garden whilst having a bath.

The bedroom is on the second floor, with beds and chairs created by an artisan of Hida Takayama. They use Air weive mattress to support your good night sleep, so the fatigue from travelling will surely be gone by the next day.


Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市上京区木屋之町485-5

Address (English) : 5-485 Kiyano Chou, Kami Gyou-ku, Kyoto

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Uronza (胡乱座)

Hiroko Adachiさん(@5mm_n)がシェアした投稿

A Guest House where you can stay in a Kyoto townhouse built 120 years ago. The building is a registered tangible cultural properties. You can feel the traditional architect skill, and the natural material of wood and sand with your skin. You can choose the rooms from a single room or a twin room, and it has communal shower, toilet, and a sink. There’s a paid service of laundry and local bath house as well.


From the maintenance matter of this building, it is a non smoking Guest House, and it also does not have an air con. However, there’s so many good things that over rules these negative factors. It’s a Guest House for those of you wanting to experience how the Kyoto people lived back in the days, or just forget about the reality and wanting to just relax in a quiet place.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市下京区醒ヶ井通綾小路下ル要法寺町427

Address (English) : 427 Youhouji Chou, Shimo Gyou-ku, Kyoto

Map : Google Map

Website :




Very conveniently located Guest House near the city of Shijou, and only 8 minutes walk from Hankyu line “Kawaramachi Station”. It’s fascinating how you can take a look at the mountains of Kyoto from the Kamo River running just beside the Guest House. The building is a newly renovated five story building. There’s a cafe bar located on the 1st floor, and it has become a place where locals and tourists gather around for drinks.

There’s female dormitory, mixed dormitory, and 4 different types of private room, where all together 70 people can stay over night. There’s also a room where you can sleep comfortably on a Queen to King size beds.

In the communal area, there’s a kitchen just for the use by the Guest House users. Other than the usual fridge, rice cooker, and a toaster, there’s also all the cooking utensils and condiments available to use. In the library, there’s books and PC for everyone, and also a lot of power points which is very helpful. Including the bathroom, all the facilities are available 24 hours.
Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市下京区河原町通り松原下ル植松町709-3

Address (English) : 3-709 Uematsu Chou, Kawaramachi Street, Shimo Gyou-ku, Kyoto

Map : Google Map

Website :


Gojo Guest House (五条ゲストハウス)

It’s very close to places that represent Kyoto like, Kamo River, Gion, and Kiyomizu Temple. The building is 100 years old and has been renovated from what used to be a restaurant hotel. The Male and Female separate dormitory is a Futon style, where you lay your Futon on the Tatami mattress. There’s also private room where you can stay from 2~4 people.

The simple kitchen consists of a fridge, microwave, utensils, and condiments, so you can cook for yourself. You can also go to the attached cafe where you can enjoy curry, sweets, and drinks. There’s a breakfast set menu just for the guests (toast and drink), and also a free drink ticket so why not use it?

There’s also PC and iPad for the communal use. You can also use the washing machine, dryer, and bicycle for sight seeing at your own cost.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市東山区五条橋東3-396-2

Address (English) : 2-396-3 Gojo Hashi Higashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

Map : Google Map

Website :


Guest House Tarocafe (ゲストハウスTarocafe)

It’s the closest Guest House from the entrance of Kyoto, the Kyoto Station. It is a 100 year old building, just 3 minutes away from the North Exit of Kyoto Station, which used to be a town house. It was renovated by the owner itself so it has a really warm atmosphere.

The rooms are just a separate dormitory for male and female which a bunk bed built on Tatami mat. If you stay over 3 nights, there is a discount, so very friendly for long term stays.

There’s enough equipment in the kitchen to cook every night. Free coffee and tea are also available. In the communal space, you can eat your meal there, and drink with the other guests where you can expand your connections. You can also read books and comics.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市下京区七条通烏丸通東入真苧屋町220-2-3

Address (English) : 220-2-3 Maoya-chou, Karasuma-dori Higashi iru, Shichijou-dori, Simogyou-ku, Kyoto

Map : Google Map

Website :



“HAT’N HAT HOSTEL” is in a very convenient place for Arashiyama and the Uzumasa Eigamura. It is a very at home feeling Guest House owned by a family. The female dormitory has a single bed divided by a curtain. There’s also a room where you can stay with up to 4 people.

There’s 2 lounge for the guests to communicate and have dinner with each other. The bathroom is equipped with amenities like shampoo, conditioner, and body soap.

You can cook your meal in the kitchen as it is also equipped with all the utensils, fridge, and a microwave. A supermarket is close by the Guest House, so it makes your grocery shopping very easy.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市右京区常盤草木町9-8

Address (English) : 8-9 Tokiwakusaki Chou, Ukyou-ku, Kyoto

Map : Google Map

Website :


Suzuki Guesthouse


Located just North of Nijou Castle. You can access all the main tourist place in Kyoto such as Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkaku-ji Temple, and Arashiyama by a single bus. The rooms are dormitories only. The bunk beds a designed so that it wont squeak even for big people.

The communal area has a very relaxing music in the background. It’s more of a space where you relax and chill out, rather and loud talking, etc. There’s no kitchen, but there’s fridge, microwave, toaster, cutlery, and plates. The facility is limited to a minimum, but it is designed to relax in a very comfortable manner.

There’s many places that you’d want to visit in the surroundings, such as shared dining with delicious Obanzai (a Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food), Ramen restaurant where you can see flames burning, public bath house with outdoor hot spring, and live house where it said to be the oldest one in Japan.
Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市上京区主税町986

Address (English) : 986 Shuzei Chou, Kami Gyou-ku, Kyoto

Map : Google Map

Website :


Okina-Tei (翁邸)

It’s in the Fushimi area, just outside the city area where you can rent out one whole building. It’s just 2 minutes away from the Keihan Railway “Chushojima Station”, and you can visit Fushimi Inari, Gion, and Uji area with only single train. Fushimi is also very famous for being a drinking area, and there are many Sake breweries around. You can enjoy Sake brewery tour, so it is strongly recommended for those who loves their Sake.

It uses a private house, so you can stay just like how to locals live there. In the 2 bedrooms, there’s 5 beds all together. If you use a futon, you can sleep up to 9 people.

There’s a kitchen fully equipped with cutlery, plates, utensils, and condiments, as well as a living room, and dining room, so it is perfect for long term stay. There’s of course toilet and bathroom as well. You can also use the washing machine equipped with a dryer.

Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市伏見区東柳町501

Address (English) : 501 Higashiyanagi Chou, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto

Map : Google Map

Website :


Tamami (たまみ)


A Guest House that was renovated from a traditional town house built in the Meiji era. You can book out the whole 122 square metre, 2 story building and have a luxurious stay in Kyoto.

You can see the stone pavement through the lattice at the entrance of the Guest House filled with Kyoto taste. It’s interesting to pay attention to the arrangement of the building, like the ceiling filled with beautiful beams, handrail with superbly made by the builder, Washitsu with hanging scroll, and an inner garden full of Japanese taste.

Such a nice location, where once you step outside on the balcony, the Kamo River flows right in front of you. The kitchen is equipped with a rice cooker, microwave, and pots. The bathroom has all the amenities for the Guests.

It is only 2 minutes away from the Keihan Railway “Shichijou Station”, and Kyoto station and Sanju Sangen Dou is within a walking distance.
Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市下京区二ノ宮町通七条上る下二之宮町439

Address (English) : 439 Shimoninomiya Chou, Miyamachi Street, Shimo Gyou-ku, Kyoto

Map : Google Map

Website :


Kyou Machiya Wanokura (京町家和ノ蔵)

The last Guest House to introduce is this one located in Yamanashi, South East of Kyoto city. It is 10 minutes by taxi from Kyoto Station, or 20 minutes walk from the subway “Higashino Station”. It is a bit far from the city centre, but that’s one of the reasons you can relax during your stay at this Guest House.

There’s 5 rooms available which can fit around 2~6 guests in this old-ish style Guest House. You can stay in a very Japanese style rooms with Ranma (an openwork screen above the sliding partitions between two rooms), and Tokonoma (an alcove). Bathroom is shared. Nearly every room has a view of the Japanese Garden from the window.

There’s a communal lounge inside the Guest House, where you can communicate with other guests. The kitchen and washing machine is there for anyone who wants to use it. It also has free bicycle rental so why not go for a ride around the area.
Address (Japanese) : 京都府京都市山科区大塚高岩2-42

Address (English) : 42-2 Ootsuka Takaiwa, Yamanashi-ku, Kyoto

Map : Google Map

Website :


Unlike all the famous hotels, the main attractiveness you get from Guest House is that you feel like you live in that land, just like the local people. Next time you’re in Kyoto, why don’t you list some of these down on your accomodation list.

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20 most recommended Guest House in Kyoto! You can stay at a reasonable price and also meet people from all around the world!