Let’s travel around Kyoto luggage free! What is the new luggage storing space “Ecbo cloak”?


From 26/04, the all new luggage storing service “ecbo cloak” will start in Kyoto! So, Tsuji from Ecbo Pty. Ltd. will be introducing some of the services they offer. It’s a must read for those of you wanting to travel around Kyoto luggage free!


It’s nearly Golden Week (Long weekend in Japan). Have you ever had the experience of wanting to store your luggage on your travel, but all the coin lockers were taken and you had to carry it everywhere you go?

Or you couldn’t find anywhere that can store your luggage for you, or your luggage was too big for the coin locker.

Have you heard of “ecbo cloak”? It’s a very convenient service at those times.

The “temporary luggage storage” service has only just been released in Tokyo in January, and now they will be released in Kyoto from 26/04!


What is ecbo cloak.

“ecbo cloak” is a sharing service between people wanting to store their luggage somewhere, and stores that has space for storing people’s luggage.( )。
At the moment, there’s varieties of stores / space that is registered for the “temporary luggage storage” like, cafes, Bicycle rentals, Kimono rentals, nail salon, hair dresser, clothing shops, guest houses, etc.


The charm of “ecbo cloak”

For the users, you can book the space in advance, so there’s no need to look around for a coin locker and waste your time.

You can also treasure out some unique shops you’ve never seen before using “ecbo cloak”. Been bare handed allows you to travel wider in the area, and may be able to go to places you were wanting to go.


It’s not only that.

At “ecbo cloak”, you can also store luggage that was too big for the coin lockers. Such as pram, instruments, snowboards, golf bags, etc.

Not only your travel luggage, but “ecbo cloak” allows another option in your daily use to make your life a bit more pleasant.


The advantages for the affiliated stores.

There’s many advantages for those affiliated with “ecbo cloak”.

Not only they can utilise the space that was left untouched and earn a bit of extra cash, but they can be found to more people using “ecbo cloak” so the foot traffic will increase, which will lead to attracting new customers.


Introducing some of the affiliated stores in Kyoto!


kolme kyoto (コルメキョート)

It’s a creative eye wear shop where you can experience the unusual of excitement and peace.

8 mins walk from Karasuma Station. You can also walk from Karasuma Oike and Kyoto City Hall.

Open : Shop 11:00 – 19:00 / ecbo cloak 10:00 – 18:00

Close : Tuesdays

Map : Google Map

Website :


Toutensei Kawasaki (陶点睛かわさき)

A pottery store along the Gojou Hill, in the town of Kiyomizu Yaki (a famous pottery) just down from Kiyomizu Temple.

A machiya townhouse built 110 years ago.

Open : Shop 10:30 – until the sun sets / ecbo cloak 11:00 – 18:00 (Wed & Sun 11:00 – 17:30)

Close : Irregular

Map : Google Map

Website :


Whole Food Cafe Apprivoiser(ホールフードカフェアプリボワゼ)

A small cafe in Kyoto called “Apprivoiser” which means bond in French. They serve healthy food that your body loves.

5 mins walk from Kiyomizu Gojou Station.


Open : Shop 8:00 – 19:00 / ecbo cloak same as above

Close : Mondays

Map : Google Map

Website :


Beppin Kyoto (別嬪京都)

A Kimono rental shop just 3 ins walk from Kyoto Station. Once you step into Kyoto, you go and store your luggage in this shop, change to the traditional clothing “Kimono” and enjoy your Kyoto travel!

Open : Shop 10:00 – 17:00 / ecbo cloak 10:00 – 16:00

Close : Irregular

Map : Google Map

Website :


There’s so many places that you can’t just go there to take your luggage and then just leave. You’d want to stay and have a look at every shop!

Other than those above, there’s places like cafe which renovated a old Machiya Townhouse, Guest Houses, and other shops that will definitely makes you feel like you’re in the ancient city of Kyoto.
They’re all located in a convenient spot like Kyoto Station, around Karasuma Shijou, Nijou, Arashiyama, and all other famous places in Kyoto.


*The temporary luggage storage hours will differ for each shop, and they aren’t always the same trading hours as the shop itself so please be careful!

For the store owners

Anyone can affiliate with “ecbo cloak” if:
– You have a spare space in your shop.
– There’s always a staff at the premises at any time of operation.
– You meet our company criterias.

If you want to utilise your space, or bring some new customers to your shop, you can register directly from here! (One of our staff will be in touch with you in the next few days).



Future of Kyoto

The aim is to connect people through this service, welcoming tourists and guests with the entire city, and to make people’s life a little bit more peaceful and convenient. Since Kyoto has many tourists from overseas.

It’ll be good if this service can advertise Kyoto in both national-wide and world-wide that it is a town with a combination between history and modern technology.


If you want to know more about it, please follow the link. Have a go from tomorrow!

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Let’s travel around Kyoto luggage free! What is the new luggage storing space “Ecbo cloak”?