One day skateboarding cruise in Kyoto with RICOH THETA SC on!

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Are we able to take an intriguing video if we combine skateboards with the newest gadget, 360° RICOH Theta SC camera and video? With such promotion video director like idea, I skateboarded around Kyoto as filming. For skateboard, I had my most favourite one, “Penny”.





The newest model in Theta series that draw attention worldwide. Needless to say, it allows you to take 360°images and videos which give you VR like view by flicking or dragging.


Penny Skateboard


The most stylish skateboard which satisfies all users, is “Penny”.

With Penny, you would feel like yourself a celebrity on the West Coast of the United States, and passes-by would see you like you are a Justin Bieber. It is not too much to say that Penny is a smart Dope Cruiser, that take you into the hallucination, as if you are a Kim Kardashian in an open car once you cruise around the city on Penny.


It must be a shame for Penny to be explained in such introduction, so let me explain it a little more seriously.

Penny is the skateboard made of plastic…well, no, the name of its maker, actually. It’s head quarter is based in Australia, and Ben Mackey, its founder had followed on the design from 60s and 70s, and had given a new life to it by remaking with the material, plastic. How rapidly did it overwhelm the world that all the skateboards of plastic were called “Penny”!

Since Penny is made of plastic, it’s fairly light and flexible. Its toughness is also guaranteed. There is a video that shows Penny doesn’t get broken even being ran over by a car. It’s, indeed, cruiser on cruiser.


Penny is rather small than other skateboards are. Grip tape is unnecessary but it makes hard to do some skateboards tricks like Ollie.

Soft wheels abled small noise and no decline in speed when running on fairly rough road, and its bearing of high quality creates a great power of spinning. Penny skateboard is the very mini cruiser specialized in being ridden. Penny has two types, 22 inch and 27 inch.

An increasing number of colours choices is showing up since new models emerge each year. Pastel colours go well with skateboarding in city.


Light, cute, easy to carry. A cute skateboard with high performance. This is Penny.


Helmet and Attachment

Filming as skateboarding, a daring technique that astonishes Chinese Acrobat Team.

How can I film from higher point of view without holding a camera in my hand? The choice is only one, to fix it on the head.

From : giphy
From : giphy

We reached to a conclusion, to fix Theta SC on the helmet for bicycles. When I put on a helmet with vertically long Theta SC on, it looks like I’m having a Japanese traditional topknot. I feel like I could hear a sound of conch shell.


With this helmet on, you are in Sengoku (The Warring States Period). A perfectly looking topknot, called Chonmage on you. Even a bear in the photo has a dignity as great as a lord at times had.

Here is an appealing cruising set.



Pale coloured helmet highlights the vividness of Penny, as serving as a foundation for Chonmage at the same time. Light and cheap, for another important reason. It’s also good that it can protect your head, for another sub-function.



Attachments is designed to be fixed in the hole in the helmet with a hook-and-loop fastener. A sticking tape is prepared for you on the camera itself so that you can directly stick it on the helmet.


Recommended cruising route

We will now, introduce the video that we took with Theta SC + Penny as cruising around three spots in Kyoto

Hachidai-shrine ~ Shisen-do temple ~ Ichijo-ji Sagari Matsu

A mecca, well-known as an enlightenment place where a sword master, Miyamoto Musashi, fought against a hundred for himself. I’ve heard that along a steep slope in front of Hachidai Shrine is a regular training course for students in track and field club in Shugakuin secondary school. To tell the truth, this road is not suitable for cruising. The road is narrow, and quite many taxis and tourists use this road. It is, really, dangerous. I heard that Miyamoto Musashi realized his weakness in himself when he tried to pray for god before the fight, but I could do nothing but to pray as I roll down along the slope.


Shimogamo Shrine

Down to south from a main shrine, on our way to Demachiyanagi Delta, we went through a gate (Torii). It was a day of Shichigosan, a Japanese celebration day for three, five, and seven year old children. My Penny, even dressed up in purple deck and pink wheel, had been totally defeated in cuteness by girls in Kimono.


Kamogawa (Maruta machi ~ Sanjo ~ Shijo)

Kamogawa, an open spot for everyone, for walking, having picnics, or photo shooting, whatever each of them wants to do. The road largely made of gravel and soil creates high coefficient of friction for skateboard cruising. The paved smooth road southward from Kojin-bashi Bridge is more suitable for skateboarding. A lot of street boys come to try and show off their skateboard tricks to an open area beneath this bridge.

We can also glide on skateboard behind couples from Sanjo to Shijo, along the most typical road for Kamogawa.

I could finally skateboard along the place, most suitable for my Penny.





Only smartphone necessary for video editing

I could edit this video with only THETA SC and a smartphone, without using computer at all. How easy it is that we can quickly make a smart video and update it onto the internet straightaway. Stylish but not troublesome. Here is an astonishing RICOH THETA’s official App.


Use the App, THETA S on smartphone connected via a Wi-Fi network to control remote camera.

Send a video recorded in camera to your smartphone.

This is all Theta S App need to do.


THETA+ Video

After Theta S, start up the editing App “THETA + Video” where you can access to your album in smartphone and choose a video you shot. Then you will have choices, either “360° Videos” or “Cropped Video”. Cropped video has various choices for you to trim, such as “Mirror Ball”, “Little Planet”, “Flat”, and “Straight”. Tap “export”, and wait it to be processed. Done. What is more excellent, you can upload it onto SNS straightaway.

You can expect a huge and rapid increase in view counts, called an artistic effect. Yay! Edited video is saved in album in smartphone, so don’t worry.

Mirror ball


Little planet


These visual effects can be applied on the point of view by tapping in editing screen. “Little Planet” above can make spherical video, or when you tap and pinch a point of view toward, it looks as if a UFO like helmet is flying. Only one touch creates an unique and bizarre video!

AS you can hear music in the video here, BGM, too, can be added in the App THETA + Video. You can choose your favourite music from your music folder in your smartphone. I used songs in the App for my video this time.

Trimming, of course, is available, and also various kinds of filter can be applied to the video. Is it really okay that everything can be done in one? Well, I wonder what “okay” means, but anyway, we can create fantastic videos unbelievably easy. With only camera and smartphone, we can express our world thoroughly 360° in a flash. This is a grown-up’s toy that triggers jealousy in all old and young, men and women.



Those artists who found this report interesting, why don’t you go for a skateboard cruising, looking for a stimulus scene, in a Japanese topknot style just like a Japanese lord galloping on a white horse?

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One day skateboarding cruise in Kyoto with RICOH THETA SC on!